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Men's Vegovert Flip-Flops

    Introducing the Vegovert, where sustainability meets instant comfort in a flip-flop like no other. Indulge in the luxurious sensation of the soft brushed Bloom® foam footbed, crafted from organic matter derived from algae.

    Why Choose Gumbies?

    Contoured For Comfort

    Our flip flop insoles are shaped to follow the natural contours of your feet delivering a barefoot feel with unparalleled comfort.


    We chose recycled rubber as the base material for our innovative outsoles with the dual purpose of flexibility and durability in mind.

    Plant a Tree

    With each purchase of Gumbies Sandals , a mangrove tree is planted in Mozambique, Madagascar or Kenya. Mangrove trees enrich the environment due to their ability to store up to 4 times more carbon than other trees.