How to recycle or re-use OLD Gumbies footwear

Did you know? In the UK alone, almost 2 million pairs of shoes are thrown into the landfill every week.

Unfortunately, most footwear brands still use materials that are non-sustainable, therefore a pair of shoes can end up in the landfill for another 80 years before they’re even broken down.

Here at Gumbies, we have built our brand on creating shoes that are designed to last. However, we know that there will be a day where a pair of Gumbies are no longer wearable… So, what do we suggest? Well, here are our top recommendations for recycling your Gumbies in the most environmentally friendly way…

1. Charity Shops

If the shoes are still in wearable condition, then most charity shops will be happy to take them off your hands. These retail outlets acquire stock through donations and all proceeds will go into funding of the work of the charity.

2. Shoe banks and shoe recycling bins

Most of these can be found at UK car parks, supermarkets or housing estates.

Depending on which bin or bank you donate to, the shoes will be given to people in need (such as charities for the homeless), or certain companies will take the shoes away for them to be taken apart and turned into something useful. Just make sure to place an elastic band around the pair or tie the laces together to prevent them from getting separated.

3. High street stores

Most retail stores are now taking part in a scheme where you can donate your old unwanted shoes or clothing directly in-store and in return, you will be given a free voucher or other rewards. Stores such as H&M, Levi’s, Marks & Spencers and many more are all taking part to help eliminate unwanted items going straight to landfills.

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